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At last , restored.

Great game. The site is restored FYI.

Told you so -_-

Wouldn't hurt to do an update and I think I talk for both SpacePrime and me XD

Sorry for yesterday, lights out :(

MidNightMaren responds:

Nah, thanks dude! :P

Don't criticise what you don't know.

This game is well worth the frontpage, even better.

You don't know how it is hard to program a game since you done none.

Just this game takes about 1-2 months to do.

Think before posting ChaoticBlessings

Awesome game!

Sick game! i did the dead crew kitty impaled on a guitar!
5/5 10/10

smokinjoeevil responds:

Ouch. One of the funniest things that happened this time around was a review I got really early on from a Kitty Krew member. The review claimed that this submission was "racist" because it contained the "dead krew member" object in it... which I basically included because it was one of the unlockable pieces from the original version (besides the fact that it is damn hilarious, and was one of the favorite pieces people used in the icons they posted to the forum for version 1). The review was subsequently deleted... too many marks of "useless", I'm assuming. I just thought it was funny.


I gave it a 0/5 and a 0/10 because :

-The Graphics - they are crap, spend more than 4 hours on the game just on the graphics

-The gameplay - it's too easy, even for a kid, try setting buttons at the start that offer the difficulty that the player wants, being more challenging for more experienced players.

The Programming - Basically the only thing i'm gonna say about this is: try setting anti-cheats!
If you right-click you can go straight to the finish without any difficulties.
So set something that when you right-click, you lose.
Then is the Tab-Key.
If you press the tab key during gameplay you auto-win. except the level with the ball moving, there if you press the tab key you lose.
So set another thing that when you press the tab key you lose the level or have to reset the game.

They will make you spend more time into the game but if you do that you'l have more chances of not getting blammed, so please make those adjustments if you want a cool maze.

All the players that have played your maze should have thinked that the graphics and the gameplay weren't such a good thing, so they vote 0, just like me, but i instead of voting and leaving, i wrote this review, so think about the things i said in here and you are going to make a sequel or you are going to make a better version of this one, please put the ''upgrades'' I telled you

I hope to see better games from you soon PunkRock01

PunkRock01 responds:

See, I did have an anti-cheat, but when I added the tab anti cheat, I lost the right click anti cheat. This will be fixed.

You dissapoint me shinki!

Too hard for me instead of 3 letters are 4 and numbers? come'on! Even super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 1 is better please considerate this as an improvement and the only thing that is better are the guitars and enter to start the song! 5/10 2/5

cheat boss 3

in boss 3 (bowser) to become invencible just do one thing: press shift a lot of times

i think this works by pressing shift 5 times but when you click the fifth time you have to be hit by a fireball jumping at the center, by a bullet bill or one of bowser's fireballs.


sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 10/10 5/5!

Demo sucks,game rulez

this demo is way worse then the original fpa 2,yap i already played it and it's one of the things that rules the portal,i may have 13 but i have a lot of imagination send me a message if you want some ideas,i may even create ideas for you and the rating is... drums please... 3/10 5/5! Oh and by the way the idea thing is for all users.


i got all the stickers!!!! i get to play in debug mode!!! oh and by the way i think you should make like a negrounds sim v 2.0 with more options more everithing! my sister and i play for at least from 9 pm to 12pm!!!

Don't chill , kill

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